For three decades Lynne has championed the cause of women and children experiencing domestic abuse, starting as a volunteer and rising through the ranks to Chief Executive.

Siobhan Parry, the SWA DAISE Team Leader, who nominated Lynne for the award says “She is a role model to the team and everyone around her, dedicating her passion, time and commitment to leading the organisation in providing excellent services for women and children in Swansea affected by domestic abuse.”

The trustees, staff and volunteers are delighted that Lynne has received this long overdue recognition.

On receiving this commendation, Lynne said “I am delighted. I would be nothing without our fantastic team who work relentlessly to support each other and the families in contact with us. This commendation recognises all of our efforts. It is also a tribute to all of the women I have met who have inspired me over the years. Their strength and determination despite adversity is truly amazing and is the perfect catalyst for driving us to make even more effort in the future.”