Swansea Women’s Aid is delighted to announce its membership of the Seren Môr Consortium. A partnership of specialist organisations working together to end Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (VAWDASV).

The Seren Môr consortium has recently been formalised with the completion of a due diligence procedure and sign off of our Memorandum of Understanding. The consortium is made up of the following VAWDASV provider partners:

The main aim and purpose of the consortium is to strengthen, sustain, develop and protect domestic abuse, sexual violence and violence against women services across the region. Our partnership has an ethos of mutual respect, trust, fairness and collective action on the basis that a collective approach is stronger than individual organisations acting alone, so to become more resilient and able to respond effectively.

The Consortium will work collaboratively to:

  • Bid for and provide services to support victim-survivors of domestic abuse, sexual violence and violence against women, in support of each member’s core business
  • Bid for and provide services to prevent these crimes, in support of each member’s core business
  • Share, discuss and develop new projects, activities and sources of funding
  • Provide mutual strategic and practical support
  • Explore and develop strategies to reduce and mitigate risk to the domestic abuse, sexual violence and violence against women sector
  • Share expertise and personnel, where appropriate
  • Develop a shared voice on common issues and sharing representative roles
  • Share information and data as appropriate and within Data Protection legislation.
  • Avoid duplication and unnecessary competition
  • Set standards to ensure the provision of holistic, high quality and consistent services
  • Build individual organisational resilience through the ethos of partnership and collaboration

As a group, we are keen to work closely with other key partners to ensure that through the delivery of services we are supporting your priority aims and objectives, meeting the needs of those facing VAWDASV issues across the Western Bay region and delivering the highest quality of services so to prevent and respond as early as possible to those women, men, children and young people requiring help, safety and support for their low, medium and high level VAWDASV needs.